Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hawaii Day 8 - Foster Botanical Garden, Jen & Ken's wedding (2-14-11)

Boring houseplants on the mainland are vibrant here.
Baobab tree
Cannonball tree
Its flower and cannonballs are on spindly branches off the trunk.
And it has what seems like a normal canopy above.
Sausage tree
One of the ancient species that look like tall pineapples.
Many sorts of palms...

...this one had menacing thorns.
I'm next to the Kapok tree, second from left.  People between the trees in the right background give scale (the large one at right is a Pod tree).
Jennifer and I in the palm forest.

The large tree is a Quipo palm.
On the way to the wedding in my new shirt from Bailey's.
Wedding setup at Moli'i Pond at Kualoa Ranch.
Ominous cloud bank, reception under cover.
Cutting the cake.

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